Beautifully crafted water sculptures
"Beautifully crafted water sculptures"
Stephanie Donaldson | Country Living
Humphrey Bowden, Independent review
"The pieces are so cleverly made, you need to look hard to see how it's done"
Anna Pavord | The Independent
"Humphrey Bowden's stunning fountains adorn gardens all over the globe"
Antonia Edwards | Sussex Life Magazine
Art, water and plants combine beautifully
"Art, water and plants combine beautifully"
Carrie McArdle | The English Garden
Miraculous, Id say.
"Miraculous, I'd say..."
Anna Pavord | The Independent

Beautifully designed copper garden fountains

Humphrey Bowden is a designer and maker of unusual sculptural fountains, mainly based on slender plant and tree shapes. These allow water flow to be carefully controlled, to give beautiful shape to the fountain and provide subtle sounds.

His work has been extensively covered in national and international media. All designs are original and each fountain is made individually for the client, so as to interpret his or her ideas. Fountains or other sculpture can be commissioned for any location, from a pond in a private garden to a corporate atrium or large public space. A number of fountains have been exhibited  at the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show for many years.

The fountains are hand beaten from pure copper and silver brazed together, to be permanently resistant to the elements. The warm gold and reddish colours formed naturally when the copper is heated gradually weather to take on the characteristic grey-green patina.


First New Design in 2016

First New Design in 2016

A new fountain design based on the Calathea Ornata plant
Interesting Fountain Commissions

Interesting Fountain Commissions

Among the many fountain projects I have had, some unusual and interesting ones stand out.